IOTA – Introduction to the Tangle Technology – the book

Everything you need to know about the revolutionary blockchain alternative IOTA is being presented in this book.

IOTA – why is this crypto-currency different?

IOTA is a crypto-currency which emerged in late 2015, and it aims to tackle Blockchain’s main problems. Blockchain technologies like Bitcoin suffer from various systemic problems, such as network congestion. In short, they cannot expand further and won’t be able to process more transaction than the current limit of seven per second.

IOTA addresses these issues and offers an entirely new technology, which is still decentralized but can process an inifinite amount of transactions as well.

This technology is called Tangle. The tangle is another kind of database in which participants have to confirm two other transactions if they themself want to execute one. With this algorithm, IOTA can theoretically process an infinite amout of transactions and grows its network strength if more participants join.

This is, where the Internet of Things comes in: the term describes a vision of devices with sensors and information, which interact with each other directly and form a new Internet.

  • What would happen if intelligent cars would receive warnings from smart sensors in the streets?
  • What if the smart home would be receiving information so that it is fully automated and heated or cooled in the cheapest way possible?

To connect the mass of intelligent devices and enable communication amongst them, another Internet is necessary. IOTA enables exactly this.

IOTA is still a relatively new technology, and not much information is available online, aside from blog posts, forum comments and random tweets. The following questions might occur  when trying to find out more about IOTA:

  • What are IOTAs strengths?
  • How will it work with the Internet of Things?
  • How does IOTA as a coin work?
  • How to purchase IOTA? What to contemplate when investing in IOTA?
  • For what use cases can IOTA be used?
  • How will IOTA develop in the next time?

This book will answer these questions. It will even give some programming examples as well as insights on IOTA’s tangle technology – a technology that is entirely new.

You can find out more by checking out the preview (10 pages).

The book’s content are the following:

Introduction Iota – Basics Chapter

  • Iota And The Blockchain Chapter
  • Iota’s Technology Chapter
  • How To Buy Iota Chapter
  • Investing In Iota Chapter
  • Security Procedures

IOTA In Use: Details, Fundamentals And Use Cases

  • Chapter 6: The Idea Behind Iota
  • Chapter 7: Programming Iota
  • Chapter 8: Iota Use Cases
  • Chapter 9: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Chapter 10: Milestones And The Future

You can check out the IOTA guide here: