Ripple and XRP for Beginners

The Ripple – Revolution has arrived!

Learn everything you need to know about Ripple and how to use this fantastic crypto-currency.

Have you checked out Ripple and wondered how you can use it? Have you bought Ripple, but still want to learn the foundations of this leading crypto-currency? Then this book is the right one for you! Bitcoin is not the only digital currency, because there are many different alternatives. The second most important crypto-currency after Bitcoin is Ripple.

What is Ripple? How is it different from Bitcoin?

You might have read somewhere that Ripple wants to replace the SWIFT payment network. Your bank uses SWIFT for international payments, that’s why they’re so slow. You might have read, that Ripple wants to establish an international payment network at low cost.

But what is the fuss all about? Ripple is basically a protocol, a blockchain application, which offers various functions for banks, but it also contains the crypto-currency XRP. With the Blockchain technology Ripple and Bitcoin use the same foundation, but Ripple has another way to use it.

Basically, Ripple aims to win over banks and financial intermediaries – that’s why Ripple is the fastest and most scalable crypto-currency out there. Unlike Bitcoin with its seven transactions per second, Ripple processes currently 2.000 per second (and it can do even more!). There are plenty of books on Bitcoin, but Ripple is even older: it was founded in 2004!

This book will answer the following questions:

    • How does Ripple work?
    • How and where buy XRP?
    • For what can XRP and Ripple be used?
    • How will XRP and Ripple develop in the future?

The books content is as follows:

Introduction – Ripple – Fundamentals

    • Chapter 1: Ripple And The Blockchain
    • Chapter 2: All About Ripple’s Technology
    • Chapter 3: How To Buy Ripple
    • Chapter 4: Investing In Ripple
    • Chapter 5: How To Store XRP Safely

Ripple In Use – Use Cases And Essentials

    • Chapter 6: Ripplenet Explained
    • Chapter 7: Ripplenet As A Network
    • Chapter 8: Frequently Asked Questions
    • Chapter 9: Milestones And Ripple’s Future